Strategic Planning

Whether your ophthalmology practice is thriving today, or in a survival mode, resolving and planning your organization's destiny can be a daunting challenge. This is why comparatively few ophthalmic practices have a written strategic plan. Most practices still make decisions based on a very short-term planning horizon.

Working together with principals, senior staff and your other professional advisors we evaluate the opportunities in your market, your economic goals and risk tolerance, your resources for development (facilities, staff, access to capital, etc.) and help you derive the most viable future plan. Together we can derive the best path forward, addressing:

  • Service area
  • Service mix and diversification
  • Provider mix and succession issues
  • Target growth rate and growth limits
  • Governance and operational adjustments along the way
  • Competitive posture
  • Exit strategy

In a disciplined fashion, all subsequent near-term business decisions can then be gauged against your long-range plan.